A Spanish language immersion course wouldn't be complete without good food and drinks.

Homemade meals, reflecting the gastronomy of the region where the residence is located, are served 3 times a day and enjoyed in the patio together with the other guests and the ANDERS LANGUAGES® team.

It is the perfect moment to chat about your day and experiences in the Spanish language.

Fresh fruit, vegetables, chicken, fish, meat...we try to make meals as balanced as possible. And of course, if you have special diet restrictions, please let us know.

Coffee and refreshments are available for free 24/7, and during dinner, beer and wine are served free of charge.

“At Anders Languages, every program is created to suit your learning objective, and most importantly the way in which YOU learn best is evaluated throughout your program. No matter your age, experience with the language of interest, or your pace of learning, Anders Languages will create a customized package just for you (or you and your group). Their instructors are smart, fun, and most of all they are experienced instructors that know how to work with a multiplicity of personalities, backgrounds, ages, and life stages in order to help you reach your goal. Lastly, the residence itself offers incredible food (mindful of special dietary needs), a caring staff, and comfortable, safe private lodging. Anders Languages has been instrumental in my language acquisition. I highly recommend the program.”