For a (US) police department, speaking the language of the criminals they fight and the citizens they protect is crucial.

One wrong word, one wrong translation… will result in a criminal who won't face justice...

And of course, in the US, Spanish is the most frequently spoken language after English.

In order to save on expensive professional translation services and serve the community better, the Scottsdale Police Department designed a plan to certify the Spanish-speaking skills of a team of police officers and asked us for help.

Spanish for professionals
Activities in Spanish

In close collaboration with them, Anders Languages® designed a 1-week (7-day) program for a group of 10 officers, combining Spanish language training with some tourist activities on the weekend... And of course, with good food :-)

Besides designing the course, we also took care of all the logistics; from arrival at the airport until departure, the officers did not have to worry about anything, except enjoying their course!

“El departamento de policía de Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, extiende su reconocimiento por la excelente experiencia durante el curso de español y la dedicación y amistad que nos ofrecieron durante nuestra estadía. Estos recuerdos nos durarán toda la vida”


Spanish for Police Departments
Spanish for public servants

The 10 police officers were divided into 2 groups, depending on their Spanish level.

In the morning, we kept the program 100% academic, focusing on Spanish language learning.

In the afternoon, the program was more laid-back, still focusing on Spanish language instruction, but in a less formal setting.

If you want us to design a tailor-made program for your organization or company, please contact us!