Cross-cultural understanding.

The (wrong) use of ONE word or the right question at the wrong moment can spoil weeks or months of work when dealing with Hispanics. It's not that they are more sensitive, it's just that they have another set of social values you should understand if you are not Hispanic.

The cross-cultural understanding of the Hispanic market will help you avoid losing sales. Not only will DOs and DON’Ts be discussed, but tips and methodology to detect and adapt yourself to cultural differences will be taught.

Cross-Cultural Awareness
Intercultural training

Job related activities in Spanish.

We will visit your Hispanic counterparts & potential customers enabling you to use your Spanish and cross-cultural awareness on the field.

The subtleties of the language & job related Spanish vocabulary.

Not just a list of vocabulary! We will also help you to memorize this specialized vocabulary with exercises, conversations and real life activities.

What they say about the cross-cultural awareness module.