1. What’s the difference between the excursions and real-life activities offered at no cost and the paid-for ones included in the intercultural modules?

All our programs include excursions and activities with your Spanish instructors at no cost.

The objective is to make you use your Spanish in a natural way, but with the support of your instructor.

Basically, the free excursions include walking tours in the city. If your focus is learning Spanish, there is no need to include the modules.

However, if you want to combine your Spanish learning with a cultural or gastronomic experience, the modules will do that. All module activities are carried out with your instructors, so they are considered class time as you will be using your Spanish.

The modules include admission fees, ground transportation, guides and restaurant visits.

2. When are the intercultural modules offered?

They are offered during the Spanish lessons.

The intercultural experiences are complementary to the language lessons and offered by your language instructors while you continue using your Spanish.

The supplement charged for the Intercultural Modules covers expenses such as admission fees, ground transportation, extra staff, meals at restaurans, etc…