All day long you will be immersed in the Spanish language through a combination of formal classes and activities to practice what you learned. While the classes are individualized, the activities are with your own instructor and other guests: if there are 4 students, there will be 4 instructors. You can choose to have one-on-one or two-on-one classes.

The classrooms, accommodations and all other facilities are at the same place so you can focus 100% on your Spanish language learning in a stress-free and comfortable environment.

As a result, your Spanish immersion will offer a high return on investment: you will be speaking Spanish up to 6 times faster.

Individualized Spanish immersion
Well defined objectives


Every student is different, and that’s why we adapt the course to your profile and objectives. We will tailor the program around you and the way you absorb and process information.

Objectives and goals will be set, so the learning progress becomes tangible. We can prepare you for any exam at no additional cost.


Learning a Spanish wouldn't be complete without using it outside a classroom environment.

All our programs already include having all your meals and breaks with your instructors, which is an informal way to further practice your Spanish in an outside-classroom environment but in a structured way.

Moreover, most programs also include at NO COST the possibility to use your Spanish in an informal and extensive way during a number of activities such as wine tasting, giving a presentation, going to the movies, having dinner in an exquisite restaurant, watching and discussing TV news or exploring local attractions,… while speaking Spanish with your instructor.

Activities using Spanish
Follow-up classes


Joe Folkman, founder and president of Zenger | Folkman, a consultancy company specializing in developing talent in Fortune 500 companies, says that in order to develop and improve your skills FOLLOW-UP is crucial!

After your stay at the ANDERS LANGUAGES® residence, one of your instructors will become your own personal coach, who will make sure that you continue using the Spanish you have just learned in your day-to-day activities


A detailed pedagogical report will be sent when completing your stay with us. This will help you to continue practicing your Spanish, as you will know your strengths and the points needing further attention. The report consists of a total breakdown of all variables of the language: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

SIELE exam and certificate
Cross Cultural Awareness

Cross-cultural understanding.

The (wrong) use of ONE word or the right question at the wrong moment can spoil weeks or months of work when dealing with Hispanics. It's not that they are more sensitive, it's just that they have another set of social values you should understand if you are not Hispanic.

The cross-cultural understanding of the Hispanic market will help you avoid losing sales. Not only will DOs and DON’Ts be discussed, but tips and methodology to detect and adapt yourself to cultural differences will be taught.