After class, it will be time to explore Spanish gastronomy!

We’ll visit the Mercado de Triana, where you’ll discover the ingredients used in traditional Spanish cuisine. You will be able to taste the flavors of Spanish gastronomy when we go “a tapear”, Spanish for “going out to eat tapas”, small portions of food served with a drink.

In Jerez, you will see how the typical sweet Andalusian wine, sherry, is produced.

However, you will also have new insights into Spanish cuisine by cooking yourself. At the ANDERS LANGUAGES® kitchen we will show you how to prepare Gazpacho or Paella.

If you decide to add a second week of gastronomic experience, you will discover where and how the famous Iberic ham, jamón serrano, is produced.

Andalucía, including our hometown, is also home to the best olives and olive oils in the world, so a visit to a hacienda producing these olives and oils will be mandatory.

And flamenco music and tapas go hand in hand when we visit the Triana neighborhood in Sevilla.

“Definitely, Spain is so much more than paella, Iberian ham, olives and wine. I had a great time eating fresh fish in a chiringuito on the beach surrounded by the dunes of La Doñana national Park. Or having a meal at the local foodmarket, where everything is prepared with fresh ingredients straight from the counter. And of course, preparing an arroz negro during a cooking class. This was a great way to improve my Spanish! And good to know: although you can eat tortillas in Spain and Mexico, they are different things :-)”