A one-on-one approach is the best way to achieve short-term results. This Spanish language immersion course combines formal classes with structured activities enabling you to practice what you learned.


Similar to the individual program, but for two people who want to study together: you and your partner, a friend, a colleague... Both participants need a similar linguistic level, but if that is not the case, you can still opt to have individual instructors within the same program.


For companies or organizations who need to train a group. For more insights, read about the tailor-made program for the Scottsdale Police Department here. For a list of our corporate clients please click here.


All programs can be personalized with optional modules and add-ons.

Prices starting at $290 / €265 / £240 all inclusive. Request a quote.

Spanish one-on-one
Spanish two-on-one


All day long you will be immersed in the Spanish language through a combination of formal classes and activities to practice what you have learned.

While the classes are individualized, the activities are with your own instructor and other guests: if there are 4 students, there will be 4 instructors.

The classrooms, accommodations and all other facilities are at the same place so you can focus 100% on your Spanish language learning in a stress-free and comfortable environment.

As a result, your Spanish immersion will offer a high return on investment: you will be speaking Spanish up to 6 times faster.


A language is more than just the spoken or written word. It is the carrier of the culture of the society speaking the language and is made up of symbols, values and norms.

Therefore, when you are using your Spanish with natives, it’s also important to understand their values and norms.

During class we’ll make you aware of these values and show you the subtleties of the Spanish language through exercises and activities.

Spanish for small groups
Spanish two-on-one


Learning a Spanish wouldn't be complete without using it outside a classroom environment.

All our programs already include having all your meals and breaks with your instructors, which is an informal way to further practice your Spanish in an outside-classroom environment but in a structured way.

Moreover, most programs also include at no cost the possibility to use your Spanish in an informal and extensive way during a number of activities such as wine tasting, giving a presentation, having dinner in an exquisite restaurant, watching and discussing TV news or exploring local attractions,… while speaking Spanish with your instructor.


Every student is different, and that’s why we adapt the course to your profile and objectives.

We will tailor the program around you and the way you absorb and process information.

Objectives and goals will be set, so the learning progress becomes tangible.


A detailed pedagogical report will be sent when completing your stay with us.

This will help you to continue practicing your Spanish, as you will know your strengths and the points needing further attention.

The report consists of a total breakdown of all variables of the language: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

And once back home you will be able to be in touch with your instructors to make sure you use what you learned at ANDERS LANGUAGES®.

Spanish for small groups
Spanish two-on-one


All day long, from breakfast till the real-life activities in the evening, you will be guided and accompanied by competent, dynamic and enthusiastic Spanish language instructors.

You can choose between a 6, 9 and a 12-hour per day schedule.

If you visit us for one or two weeks, the 12-hour schedule is recommended to maximize learning. For longer stays, the 9-hour schedule is a better choice.


Our Spanish language immersion programs start any week of the year, all year round.


The following chart should recommend stay length, based on the ForONE 12 program.

The figures on the chart are based on our average student profile: middle-aged native English speakers, professionally active and with higher education.

However, some factors beyond our control can speed things up or slow them down.

If you want to know your current level, you can test your knowledge of the Spanish language here.

Spanish for small groups
Testimonial Mark

"Firstly thanks for making me feel so welcome and at home in the residence. It was a great experience. You have given me the confidence to try to speak Spanish and I look forward to coming back again in the future. To Claudia, Esther, Maria, Gloria and Raul: muchas gracias..."

- MARK - Petrofac -