If you want to have online classes before visiting us for an on-site immersion, you can do so with the online add-on.

Your online instructors will be your instructors during your Spanish immersion, so the online program is a great opportunity to meet them early on in the process. More information.

Offered in: Spain, Mexico and USA.

Spanish online classes
One-on-one Spanish classes


If you choose the ForTWO or ForALL program (especially designed for couples, colleagues, friends who want to study together) but if you are at different levels, your needs are different, or you simply don’t want to study together, you can have your own individual instructor on the OneOnOne add-on.

Offered in: Spain, Mexico and USA.


If you want to make your language learning official via an internationally recognized certification, we can prepare you for the SIELE or DELE exam.

We will also help you with the registration and even drive you to the examination center.

For more details about the exams, check the official SIELE or DELE websites or contact us

Offered in: Spain and Mexico

Siele exam
Testimonial Leo and Deborah

“I spent a week at Anders Languages, Sevilla, Spain, in May, and it is an excellent addition to their Cuernavaca, Mexico, Immersion School. Same fine attention to detail, same excellent instruction, wonderful cuisine of Southern Spain, and the culture/tourism there is incredible.

If you are interested in learning/improving your Spanish in Europe, Anders Languages Spain is the place to go. I've been a client of Anders Languages since 2002, and they have been instrumental in helping me to become a Bilingual Tutor in the United States."

- Cris L. -