This module will let you experience the rich history of Mexico or Spain.

During the morning, you will have Spanish classes and in the afternoon, you will visit important cultural and historic sites with your Spanish instructor.

Offered in: Sevilla and Cuernavaca.

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Program details Mexico

Spanish school


Learn Spanish while discovering Spanish or Mexican gastronomy.

After class, we will take you to the most authentic places to eat, places (often) unknown to tourists.

You will learn about the local ingredients at the colorful markets and you’ll be able to even cook typical local dishes.

Offered in: Sevilla and Cuernavaca.

Program details Spain

Program details Mexico

Testimonial: Learning Spanish - A Journey Through Mexican Markets and Grandmothers’ Recipes


An important component of your Spanish immersion program is making you familiar with the (business) culture of native Spanish speakers.

Speaking Spanish with your client, colleague, staff or foreign partner is one thing, but some words in a conversation, negotiation or written document don’t necessarily mean the same to the other speaker(s).

During your course, we will familiarize you with the subtleties of the Spanish language, make you experience (job-related) activities in Spanish and guide you towards the cross-cultural understanding of native Spanish speakers.

Offered in: Sevilla and Cuernavaca.

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Spanish for business use
Learn Spanish and play golf


Learn Spanish in the classroom and put it into practice on the golf course!

Offered in: Sevilla and Cuernavaca.

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If you want to make your language learning official via an internationally recognized certification, we can prepare you for the SIELE or DELE exam.

We will also help you with the registration and even drive you to the examination center.

For more details about the exams, check the official SIELE or DELE websites or contact us

Offered in: Sevilla and Cuernavaca.

Residential accommodations
Testimonial Debbie and Pat

“A few years ago we decided to relocate to Mexico. And living in Mexico without speaking Spanish is no option. After a stay at Anders Languages we felt we had an immense progress. We haven´t achieved the final goal yet, being totally fluent, but there we go!”

- DEBBIE & PAT – Retired -


You can always serve yourself dinner in our kitchen. However, this module includes having dinner with your instructor.

After dinner, it will time for some activities such as tequila tasting (Mexico), Flamenco Night (Spain), a board game or a movie night.

Of course, all this in the company of an instructor and in Spanish.

Offered in: Sevilla and Cuernavaca.

Dinner and Evening Activities Module
Short-term results


If you choose the ForTWO or ForALL program (especially designed for couples, colleagues, friends who want to study together) but if you are at different levels, your needs are different, or you simply don’t want to study together, you can have your own individual instructor on the OneOnOne module.

Offered in: Sevilla, Cuernavaca, Vallarta and Miami.


If your agenda does not fit our regular starting and ending days, you can adjust this by adding one or two extra days to any program.

For example, if you want to start on a Friday and finish on a Monday, you can add two extra days to the weekend program.

Offered in: Sevilla, Cuernavaca and Vallarta.

Residential accommodations
Spanish follow-up classes


All programs offer an interview upon arrival and a final report when completing your immersion.

However, with the FollowUp module, we will help you to determine the objectives before the program starts, and include follow up sessions to make sure you use your freshly acquired Spanish.

For more details, please contact us .

Offered in: Sevilla and Cuernavaca.


This module focuses on children, so the parents can relax and enjoy the natural beauties of Vallarta while keeping their children in sight.

The kids will be learning Spanish during the mornings while having fun with their Spanish instructors and other kids.

Offered in: Vallarta.

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Spanish for kids
Spanish for demanding adults


A program that combines Spanish immersion with adventure: ecotourism, swimming with dolphins, thrilling rides on zip lines, beach hideaways, whale watching, culture...

Great for families with or without children and for friends.

Offered in: Vallarta.

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