Although Spain is much more than tapas, sangria, bullfights and flamenco dance, these are probably the things which most identify Spain and its culture.

And no place is better than La Feria de Sevilla to experience all of this. During this annual fair, which dates back to 1847, each day begins with a parade of carriages and riders, taking Seville's inhabitants to the casetas located on the fairgrounds.

Casetas are individual decorated marquee tents.

Feria de Sevilla
Feria de Sevilla

Although some casetas are open to the public, they usually belong to prominent Sevillian families, clubs (the Seville Rotary has a caseta) and associations.

From the afternoon till the early morning of the next day, crowds party and dance sevillanas on the streets, the fairgrounds and inside the casetas. And of course, all women wear the traditional flamenco dress.

Spanish gastronomy is well represented during the Feria by the traditional tapas. The common drink during the fair is the Rebujito, a cocktail that mixes Manzanilla (a kind of sherry) and soft drinks.


THE SPANISH CLASSES. In the morning, you will have your Spanish classes.

THE FERIA. We will visit the feria twice. Or more if you want to. This will be a good opportunity to taste the Sevillian and southern Spain way of life.

THE EXCURSIONS. Besides visiting Seville and its landmarks, you will also be able to choose other excursions, as described here.

Feria de Sevilla
Feria de Sevilla

THE DATES. The Feria takes place from May 05 till May 12, 2019. In case you want to visit us for one week, you should schedule your immersion from May 05 till May 11. In case you want to stay longer, you can plan to arrive one, two,… weeks earlier or stay one, two,… weeks after the fair has ended. This special is fully booked now

THE DEADLINE. There is no deadline for booking this special; however, there is limited space at residence and bookings are on a first come, first served base.

Some images from the ANDERS LANGUAGES FERIA DE SEVILLA 2018 edition.