All day long, from breakfast till the real-life activities in the evening, you will be guided and accompanied by competent, dynamic and enthusiastic Spanish language instructors.

You can choose between a 6, 9 and a 12-hour per day schedule.

If you visit us for one or two weeks, the 12-hour schedule is recommended to maximize learning. For longer stays, the 9-hour schedule is a better choice.

Spanish all day long
Starting days courses


Our Spanish language immersion programs start any Sunday or Monday of the year. In case of a last minute booking you can start any day of the week, subject to availability.


The following chart should recommend stay length, based on the 53-hour program. The figures on the chart are based on our average student profile: middle-aged native English speakers, professionally active and with higher education. However, some factors beyond our control can speed things up or slow them down… More advanced age, for instance, will decrease learning speed, whereas young age and knowledge of other languages will increase learning speed.

If you want to know your current level, you can test your knowledge of the Spanish language here.

Spanish language levels
Testimonial Leo and Deborah

“I spent a week at Anders Languages, Sevilla, Spain, in May, 2015, and it is an excellent addition to their Cuernavaca, Mexico, Immersion School. Same fine attention to detail, same excellent instruction, wonderful cuisine of Southern Spain, and the culture/tourism there is incredible.

If you are interested in learning/improving your Spanish in Europe, Anders Languages Spain is the place to go. I've been a client of Anders Languages since 2002, and they have been instrumental in helping me to become a Bilingual Tutor in the United States."

- Cris L. -