The founders discuss the possibility of opening a Spanish school in Mexico.

1998: opening of our Spanish school


Opening of ANDERS LANGUAGES® and arrival of our first guest, Steven, who was working for the World Bank in Mexico. Our second student was Edward, a retired TWA pilot who needed to learn Spanish since he was working as a consultant for the Mexico-based airline Azteca. Our first residence was located downtown Cuernavaca, just one block away from the Zocalo.


Move to our new and larger facilities. Our old residence was too small, and after a search of more than one year, we finally found a new place for our residence

2002: move to our new school


Presentation of our new logo and corporate image. The first logo had been designed by one of the founders of ANDERS LANGUAGES® who had no skills as a graphic designer; the new logo was designed by a pro. Together with the new logo, we also needed a new website, launched in March 2005.


Opening of the ANDERS LANGUAGES® Mexico City branch, serving Mexicans who want to learn other languages and Mexico's most important corporations such as Bimbo and Femsa (Coca-Cola's most important bottler in Latin America).

2005: opening Anders Languages Mexico


10th anniversary celebration. Pictures from our first days. Please note that most of them were taken in our first residence.


ANDERS LANGUAGES® opens two new residences: one in Miami and one in Sevilla, Spain.

2009: opening Anders Languages Spain and USA


Presentation of our new logo and corporate image.


15th anniversary celebration.

2013: opening Anders Languages Vallarta
2015: opening Anders Languages Sevilla


Purchase of land for the building of the new immersion residence in Sevilla. Estimated completion: 2021.


20th anniversary celebration.

2018: 20th anniversary celebration