Leonard (Bimbo Bakeries)

What a great way to study Spanish! Although the teachers are focusing on a strict curriculum, they know exactly when to relax and to take you out for some Spanish in an informal way.

I definitely recommend it to everyone!

Scotstdale Police Department, AZ

El departamento de policía de Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, extiende su reconocimiento por la excelente experiencia durante el curso de español y la dedicación y amistad que nos ofrecieron durante nuestra estadía. Estos recuerdos nos durarán toda la vida.


Bonnie and Kenn L.

The personalized classroom structure was absolutely necessary for us as adult learners.

My husband and I were a class; our multi-lingual fellow student was in her own class as was a fourth student who joined us at the dining room table in the second week.

Our needs as adults were unique, and we were all in our own ways demanding—learning what we needed to wanted to learn

Wonderful teachers, wonderful hosts and wonderful colleague students. I'll be back next summer!



I really felt home at Anders Languages

Wonderful teachers, wonderful hosts and wonderful colleague students. I'll be back next summer!

Lareina (Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore)

Dearest Gina, Peter y Esther y Eva. ¡Muchas gracias por todo!

The classes where very structured and all of you guys are wonderfully great patient teachers.

Tim (PT C)

They definitely know how to make sure a super-intensive Spanish course does not become tiring and boring.

My teachers knew exactly when it was time to continue with the Spanish course on the golf court :-)

Dirk (Schaeffler Automotive)

When I arrived in Mexico, the first thing my company did was send me for total Spanish immersion to Anders Languages

Now I understand why they did it: in less than one week I was able to boost my Spanish and to learn more about the business environment in Mexico.

Mark (Petrofac)

Firstly thanks for making me feel so welcome and at home in the residence. It was a great experience. You have given me the confidence to try to speak Spanish and I look forward to coming back again in the future. To Claudia, Esther, Maria, Gloria and Raul: muchas gracias...

Staff finds the right balance between class time and activities.

Salie (PriceWaterhouseCoopers)

This was my first visit to Spain and what a visit! I learned Spanish and discovered the most beautiful places of Spain.

Wonderful food, wonderful hosts.

And a great mix of Spanish accents: Spanish from Spain, Mexico and Colombia all in one experience. Thank you!

Jeremy (Diageo)

Gina, Esther, Claudia y Pedro. Muchas, muchas gracias por mis clases.

He disfrutado mi tiempo mucho.

Espero practicar todo lo que he aprendido. Hasta luego.

David Allen (author, Getting Things Done)

The primary value I got from the week was exactly what my objective was: to gain familiarity with the "outline" of the Spanish language, giving myself a sense of the blueprint of the language so that I can "fill in the blanks" from then forward, piece by piece. Also to gain familiarity with basic pronunciation, grammar, and common idioms. I now know, only after 6 days at Anders, that I could go to any Spanish-speaking culture, with a small Spanish dictionary, and be able to function by myself just fine. The instructors were terrific, the environment was totally conducive to the accelerated learning pace. My overall experience with Anders was outstanding, and I look forward to returning for more advanced work. I recommend it without hesitation.


I spent a week at Anders Languages, Sevilla, Spain, in May, 2015, and it is an excellent addition to their Cuernavaca, Mexico, Immersion School. Same fine attention to detail, same excellent instruction, wonderful cuisine of Southern Spain, and the culture/tourism there is incredible.

If you are interested in learning/improving your Spanish in Europe, Anders Spain is the place to go.

I've been a client of Anders since 2002, and they have been instrumental in helping me to become a Bilingual Tutor in the United States.

Jonathan L. Payne (author, The presence of Soul)

Thank you for a wonderful two weeks at Anders, I shall definitely recommend the school to others. Please give my regards to both Esther and Claudia, two very fine teachers who made the process of learning a pleasure.

Debbie & Pat

A few years ago we decided to relocate to Mexico. And living in Mexico without speaking Spanish is no option.

After a stay at Anders Languages we felt we had an immense progress. We haven´t achieved the final goal yet, being totally fluent, but there we go!


This is my second visit to Anders, and they become better every time.

Thank you Pedro for showing me how to prepare paella and to share the paella with your family and friends! I hope to be back again, this time with my daughters

James, Marie & Ashley

While in Mexico for business, we only had one weekend available to study Spanish, and this was the best way to do it! Although very intensive, it's not really tiring! Thank you very much.

Joost (Boskalis)

I should have visited Anders Languages before starting to live in Mexico and not when leaving :-( Anyway, it was a great experience.

Great teachers, food and service!


I choose Anders Languages specifically because of their ability to customize programs for individuals (and groups), as well as the affordability of their customized programs.

I did my research and found that many claim to do the same, but after reading the fine print and the reviews it seemed more likely that one would be at the mercy of the group's level or the instructor you had been placed with.

At Anders Languages, every program is created to suit your learning objective, and most importantly the way in which YOU learn best is evaluated throughout your program.

No matter your age, experience with the language of interest, or your pace of learning, Anders Languages will create a customized package just for you (or you and your group).

Their instructors are smart, fun, and most of all they are experienced instructors that know how to work with a multiplicity of personalities, backgrounds, ages, and life stages in order to help you reach your goal.

Lastly, the residence itself offers incredible food (mindful of special dietary needs), a caring staff, and comfortable, safe private lodging.

Anders Languages has been instrumental in my language acquisition.

I highly recommend the program.

Leo & Deborah (JPMorgan)

My daughter recommended me and my wife to go to Anders Languages for Spanish full immersion course.

The fact is that she never recommends anything, made me think it was worth to go to Spain for an immersion course at the Anders residence.

The truth is, it was worth the visit. Wonderful staff, teachers who really know what they are doing!

Jennifer (LexisNexis)

Thank you so much for such a fantastic experience.

It's hard to believe that 3 weeks ago yo no hablo español & now yo hablo y comprendo un poco + more ;-) I wish all of you all the best!

Wendy (Baker & McKenzie)

Accelerated short-term course.

Just what I needed! Also the help received in understanding Mexican business was useful.


I had a wonderful time learning Spanish and discovering some of the less touristic parts of Andalucía such as El Rocio.

Lee (AlcatelLucent)

Although I learnt Spanish at Anders Languages Spain, I need to use Spanish in Mexico.

The fact one teacher is Mexican was a great help!


Maestras simpáticas, habitación maravillosa,... Gracias también a Peter, me gustó mucho esta semana...

Christina (General Electric)

I had a great week at Anders Languages, it was very tailored to what I needed for work and also living in Mexico...

Jonathan (Nestlé)

Muchas gracias por su paciencia durante las últimas 4 semanas.

Creo que aprendí mucho y la experiencia ha sido excelente.

Lorraine (Kraft Foods)

Thank you for making me feel so at home at Anders.

Having in the past taken lessons in other countries I can say that my stay here has been the best.

I have had the opportunity to speak the language all day with very good teachers.

I have enjoyed the food, the comfort and the excursions


Thank you all for a wonderful time! Everything here was excellent.

During my entire stay I felt like part of the family and was treated as such.

I am eternally grateful that I selected this school and of course for the patience that all of my teachers had with me.

I hope to return in the future. ¡Muchas gracias por todo!

Drees (Shering-Plough)

Thanks for 3 ½ weeks hospitality in Anders.

Studying Spanish was a pleasure because the nice atmosphere and a friendly team of teachers.

Before arrival my Spanish was 'nada' and after 4 working weeks training I'm confident that there is a solid basis for communication in my company.


A much better experience then I imagined or could infer form the Internet, O owe.

Most of all, my gratitude to Gina, my main teacher, for being so kind and professional.

She made the learning experience fun.

Thanks to Pedro for making all the arrangements for travel and sightseeing.

I hope to return in the future for more learning.

I would highly recommend this course to my friends and colleagues.


Thank you both so much for providing me such a wonderful experience.

It exceeded my expectations (and I am hard to please!) :-) As soon as I mentioned something I would like to do, the plans were in motion to make it happen.

I will recommend your school to all my colleagues.

Scott (Conagra Foods)

Mis queridos amigos, muchas gracias por haber hecho mi estancia agradable y de mucho beneficio.

He alcanzado todas mis expectativas y estoy saliendo con mucha más capacidad para poder realizar bien mi trabajo en México.

Mil gracias y buena suerte a todos.

Doris (Universal)

I have really enjoyed every second here.

Thank you for your hospitality. I felt very at home here and part of your family.

The lessons have been fantastic and I have learned so much, I hope we can keep in touch in the future.


Muchas gracias mis amigos. Wow! Yo estoy contenta y feliz. La experiencia de mi vida. Yo aprendí mucho en solamente 4 semanas.

Yo espero regresar a México pronto y me gustaría vivir en México (u otro país hispanohablante) en el futuro.

Gracias por todo - la comida (mmm!), la bonita casa, la historia, las bromas y amistad.

Blair M*****. North Carolina girl in Nashville, TN

Yu-Chun H (United Airlines)

Muchas gracias por todos. Realmente, me divertí mucho en Anders y mi español es mejor que antes. Es mejor de lo que esperaba. Muchas gracias.

Barbara (Ford Foundation)

Gina, Claudia and Esther

I had a very fruitful time here.

It was fun, restful and I learned a great deal! I appreciate the learning and will stay in touch! Thanks again.

Molly (ESPN)

This was a great week for me.

Muchas gracias a Gina, Esther and Claudia. And of course Herme for all the tasty meals!

Clare B (Coca-Cola)

Anders fue una buena experiencia para mí, las maestras, el lugar, la comida y los otros estudiantes.

Ahora yo hablo español y tengo nuevos amigos. ¡Gracias!

Wendy (New Mexico State University)

This school is one of a kind... for the truly dedicated language student.

You really do learn in one day what one week in another school provides.

There is a tremendous blend of ability, knowledge and comfortable accommodations here.

I can't recommend a better school or better environment in which to learn Spanish!

Terry (US Department of Labor)

It's not fair to compare this place with other schools, because this experience is unique.

Everybody succeeds in making students part of the family and take extra steps to make sure our needs are satisfied.

More importantly, I learned more Spanish in two weeks than I learned taking courses at home during the past year.

I'm looking forward to return in the near future.

Lyn (Sherwin Williams)

What a great way to learn Spanish, this has been an incredible week.

Anybody thinking about learning a language, the Anders school and the total immersion course is by far the best way to go.

I would highly recommend anybody who wants to learn another language to contact the Anders school, and to come here, not to mention the incredible weather and the incredible time here in Cuernavaca. Thank you!

Sean (Pella)

I appreciate all your efforts in helping me in my quest to learn Spanish.

Your business could not be run any better! Thank you for your professionalism and I hope to return soon.

Tim (Texaco)

I've had a wonderful experience at Anders Languages, meeting all my expectations and more.

In only one week, I have built on a beginner's knowledge of Spanish and feel I have a very solid basis for further study at home.

Plus it was great fun. Such a wonderful food, interesting people, and terrific surroundings.

Cecily & Rose (USA)

I can't think about learning and practicing Spanish in a nicer environment.

I hope to come again! These two weeks have been such a great experience for me.

I thought about Spanish immersion for the past 2 years, and I'm delighted to have made the decision to come here.