Learn Spanish: our approach

Well defined Spanish-learning objectives

Every student is different, and that's why we adapt the program to your profile and objectives.

We will tailor the program to you and the way you absorb and process information.

Objectives and goals will be set, so the learning progress becomes tangible.

A fully personalized

Spanish course

All day long you will be immersed in the Spanish language through a combination of formal classes and activities to practice what you have learned.

While the Spanish classes are individualized, the activities take place with your own instructor and other guests: if there are 4 students, there will be 4 instructors

The classrooms, accommodations and all other facilities are at the same place so you can focus 100% on your Spanish-language learning in a stress-free and comfortable environment.

Individualized Spanish classes
DAVID ALLEN - Author, Getting Things Done.

" I now know, only after 6 days at Anders Languages, that I could go to any Spanish-speaking culture, with a small Spanish dictionary, and be able to function by myself just fine "

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Activities in Spanish

Learning Spanish wouldn't be complete without using the language in an outside-the-classroom environment.
Activities in Spanish

All our programs already include having all your meals and breaks with your instructors, which is an informal way to further practice your Spanish in an outside-the-classroom environment but in a structured way.

Moreover, most programs also include at no cost the possibility to use your Spanish in an extensive way during a number of activities with your Spanish instructors.

A city tour, having coffee at a local bar... there are plenty of things to do offering you the possibility to practice what you learned during class time.

Let's discuss your Spanish immersion

We offer a made-to-order service.

An initial proposal will allow you to know all the available options. And from there we can narrow things down till we get a Spanish course designed according to your needs and expectations.

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Intercultural communication

A language is more than just the spoken or written word; it is the carrier of the culture of the society speaking the language and is made up of symbols, values and norms.

Therefore, when you are using your Spanish with natives, it’s also important to understand their values and norms.

During class we’ll make you aware of these values and show you the subtleties of the Spanish language through exercises and real-life activities.

Intercultural experiences in Spanish

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