1. What is the cost of Spanish immersion?

2. Are there any additional or hidden costs?

We offer all-inclusive programs, and all-inclusive means all-inclusive :-)

The price you will see on the (final) proposal is the price you are going to pay.

The only additional cost should be the expenses from your home to the immersion residence and back…

3. Why is there an important price difference between the programs in Mexico, Spain and the United States?

Although the quality levels and the methodology are the same in all the immersion residences, the cost of an immersion reflects the cost of living in the country where the residence is located...

Therefore, the cost of an immersion in Mexico will be approx. 1/4 of an immersion in Miami.

4. How do I book a program?


Once we have received your booking, we will send a formal confirmation and all the details about your stay.

You can book here.

5. What’s included in the fees?

All our programs include classes, activities and local excursions with instructors, meals, drinks, accommodation in our standard room with private bath, course materials, a certificate and a pedagogical report.

The modules (Cultural, Gastronomic,…), add-ons and services (airport pick-up, room upgrades,…) are NOT included and thus not required to make your immersion successful.

6. How far ahead should I book?

There is no rule or policy about when you need to book, but we don’t recommend waiting too long.

The shorter the period between your booking and the intended starting day, the bigger the risk that we have no openings.

7. Do you offer discounts? Any period of the year when prices go down?

Our fees represent what we offer: a quality program in a premium setting for a competitive, all-inclusive and transparent price.

As a result, there is no room for discounts, except for our early-bird discounts.

However, a few times a year we have specials on preset dates.

For more details, check our Specials page.

8. What are the payment terms and options?

Please take a look at our sales terms for more details.

9. Can I postpone or cancel a course once I have booked?

Yes, however, there are some restrictions.

Please take a look at our sales terms for more details.