Buenos Aires, Argentina

Our Spanish immersion residences in Mexico and Spain are open year-round...

However, once a year, we move our operations to a unique location for a one-time Spanish language and cultural immersion.

After editions in Miami (USA, 2021), Yucatán (Mexico, 2022) and Jacó (Costa Rica, 2023) the 2024 special will take us to Argentina and the Paris of Latin America: Buenos Aires!

With your Spanish instructors, you will get immersed in this grandiose city of wide avenues, vibrant cosmopolitan flair, and distinctive neighborhoods.

The Spanish Immersion and Intercultural Experiences

Spanish language immersion in Argentina

The Spanish Classes

The classes will be one-on-one or two-on-one, depending if you visit us alone or as a couple. This will allow us to focus on your particular needs and Spanish learning objectives.

Explore Buenos Aires

The Experiences

Porteños, the inhabitants of Buenos Aires, relish politics, culture, tango, soccer, and gastronomy like no others. Get immersed in the Porteño lifestyle.

Check out all the experiences here.

Activities in Spanish

The Evenings

During the evenings dinner will be served either at the rooftop terrace or in one of the fine restaurants in town. The right moment for some informal conversations about Latin America, its culture, and society

For this special, we will take over a spectacular 5-bedroom house in Palermo, one of Buenos Aires' most exclusive and diverse neighborhoods.

This vintage but fully renovated house is centrally located, at walking distance from cafes, restaurants, shops, art galleries, and parks.

All rooms have large beds, air-conditioning, and private bathrooms.

A rooftop terrace with grill, bar, and jacuzzi makes this house the right spot for our 2024 Special.

Your day

Spanish classes Buenos Aires

Your day will start at 9 am with breakfast in the company of our other guests and your Spanish instructors. After breakfast and depending on the day of the week, there will be formal classes or excursions to explore Buenos Aires' treasures.

Lunch will be served at around 2 o’clock.

In the afternoon, after a well-deserved nap, you will have more classes or hands-on activities in Spanish, of course.

At 8 o’clock, we will meet again for dinner: the right moment for some informal convos about Latin America, its culture, and society.

The day will end at around ten, but feel free to continue enjoying the vibe of Buenos Aires on the rooftop while enjoying an Argentinian wine.



The city is located at the point where the Paraná River delta widens to become the Río de la Plata estuary.

Argentina's capital has over 15 million inhabitants, and it’s also the biggest city in the country.

Palermo, the neighborhood where the house is located, is just 50 minutes away from Buenos Aires Ezeiza International Airport.

Of course, private airport pick-up and drop-off are included.


The name Argentina (from latin argentum: silver) refers to the country's vast natural resources.

After its independence from Spain in the XIX century, it became a nation of immigrants, most coming from Europe in search of opportunities in what was then the richest country in the world.

Nowadays, Argentina is still an important exporter of natural resources and an important global contributor in literature (Jorge Luis Borges), arts, music, film, and sports, with soccer players such as Maradona and Messi.

Pictures say more than a thousand words

Below a video of the Yucatán edition...


Our 2024 SPECIAL is fully booked.

Of course you are welcome in MEXICO and SPAIN for our Spanish immersions starting any week of the year...

If an opening becomes available or if you want to receive an invitation to the 2025 SPECIAL, we can let you know via email or WhatsApp.

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