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Cuernavaca is home to our first Spanish immersion residence, which opened in 1998.

At only a one-hour drive from the Mexico City airport, it will often take less than half a day to get here from any mayor US or Canadian city.

And with a spring-like weather all year round, Cuernavaca is certainly a nice place to be immersed in the Spanish language during autumn and winter.

Cuernavaca is known for its hospitality, mild climate with more than 320 days of sunshine per year and its central location in the middle of Mexico's most important historical towns and sites.

Mexico is also the biggest Spanish-speaking country, making its accent and specific vocabulary the most common one in North America, both for business and everyday use.


How to get here

- Airport: Mexico City (MEX).
- Transfer: from the airport, you can get to the residence using our meet-and-greet service (a 1-hour drive) or taking the Pullman de Morelos shuttle bus (1 ½-hour drive).

Cuernavaca landmarks

Landmarks & Museums

- Cathedral. Completed in 1574.
- Palacio de Cortés. 16th century palace/fortress.
- Haciendas. Estates during colonial times.
- Xochicalco. Pre-Columbian archaeological site.
- Museo Regional Cuauhnáhuac, Robert Brady...

Cuernavaca weather


- Summer, autumn and winter: 20-25°C / 68-77°F
- Spring: 25-30°C / 77-86°F
- Mostly sunny, all year round.
- Rainfalls in the late afternoon and evening from June to October.

People & Economy

People & Economy

- Approx. 1 million inhabitants, including the metropolitan area.
- The city’s main activity is (domestic) tourism. Cuernavaca is known for its large offer of hotels, restaurants, and spa's.
- The NISSAN and BRIDGESTONE factories are the 2 major employers.

Study Spanish in Mexico

Learn Spanish in Mexico

Your Spanish Course

A Spanish immersion experience is all about the personal interaction between you and your Spanish teachers.

They will be your “buddies” during your Spanish classes but also during the informal activities where you will be able to use your Spanish in an informal yet structured way


ForONE: a one-on-one approach is the best way to achieve short-term results

ForTWO: similar to the individual program, but for two people who want to study together

ForALL: for companies, organizations, families or a group of friends seeking a tailor-made program for 3 or more people visiting together

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Discover Mexico

Discover Mexico

Your Spanish course can be combined with activities allowing you to explore Mexico in-depth:


CULTURE: explore Mexico’s rich pre-Hispanic, colonial and modern history and culture.

BUSINESS: Mexico ranks in the top of the largest economies in the world and is the US’ biggest trading partner.

GASTRONOMY. Mexican cuisine has been declared intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO.

FIESTAS & FERIAS: Celebrate with us the Día de los Muertos and La Fiesta Mexicana.

GOLF: play golf with your Spanish teacher in one of the 6 golf courses nearby


"I chose Anders Languages specifically because of their ability to customize programs for individuals (and groups), as well as the affordability of their customized programs. The residence itself offers incredible food (mindful of special dietary needs), a caring staff, and comfortable, safe private lodging."

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All year round
Spanish Immersions offered since 1998

The Spanish immersion residence

Spanish class

Your Spanish classes, accommodations and meals are offered at the ANDERS LANGAGES immersion residence.

While classes are individual, activities and meals are enjoyed with your fellow students.

Our neighborhood, 10-15 minutes away from the city center, is double-gated and guarded by private security. Within walking distance, you will find a few restaurants, grocery stores and the popular Tres de Mayo neighborhood.

In the kitchen our full-time cook Maria will prepare typical Mexican dishes. Drinks and snacks are available for free 24/7.


Accommodations are free of charge and offered at the premises.

All our rooms include a private bathroom, WiFi, cable TV, air-conditioning, linen, towels and toiletries.

Upgrades are available at a cost.

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Life at the immersion residence

Let's discuss your Spanish immersion

We offer a made-to-order service.

An initial proposal will allow you to know all the available options. And from there we can narrow things down till we get a Spanish course designed according to your needs and expectations.

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