The residential immersion concept

The amenities and privacy of a hotel...

The warmth and informal feel of a homestay

An important part of your Spanish language immersion program is the accommodations at the ANDERS LANGUAGES®' residences.

They will guarantee permanent exposure to the Spanish language in a familiar yet professional way, without the informality of a host family or the impersonality of a hotel or apartment.

Residential Accommodations
Testimonial Bonnie and Kenn

"Studying and staying in the same place is great! It offers all the comfort of a hotel, with no need to commute. And it allows you to be with the others students, too."

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Family homestay

Why does ANDERS LANGUAGES not offer the traditional homestay option?

First, homestays require you to sacrifice privacy.

Also, the comfort levels a host family offers are often lower than the ones our students are used to.

And third, quality cannot be guaranteed with a homestay…

It’s a myth that homestays will provide you with continuous exposure to the Spanish language.

Families are not paid to be Spanish teachers but to offer accommodations and meals.

And even if the host family do want to help you with your Spanish, they won’t be able to do so in a professional way, so they might, unwillingly, give you confusing information.

Accommodations in a hotel

Can I stay in a hotel?

However, the accommodations offered at our immersion residence offer the privacy of a hotel but in a cozier atmosphere.

Plus, in most cases there will be other students at the immersion residences, so if you stay in a hotel, you might miss the opportunity for some human interaction…

So why would you choose a hotel?

Please take into account accommodations at our immersion residences are offered at no cost. Therefore, in case you want to stay in a hotel there won’t be any discount.

Your room & Meals

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