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One-on-one Spanish classes

One-on-one Spanish classes

A one-on-one approach is the best way to achieve short-term results.

This Spanish language immersion course combines formal classes with structured activities enabling you to practice what you have learned.

Prices starting at $800 / €720 / £660 all inclusive.


Spanish for two

Spanish classes for two

Similar to the individual program, but for two people who want to study together: you and your partner, a friend, a colleague...

Both participants need a similar linguistic level, but if that is not the case, you can still opt to have individual instructors within the same program

Prices starting at $500 / €450 / £420 all inclusive.


Spanish for small groups

Spanish classes for small groups

For companies, organizations, families or a group of friends seeking a tailor-made program for 3 or more people visiting together.

Read about our tailor-made program for the Scottsdale Police Department here. For a list of our corporate clients please click here.

Prices starting at $400 / €360 / £330 all inclusive.

Your day

You can choose from a 6, 9 or 12-hour-per-day schedule.

Dinner with your instructor and a varied evening-activity program is optional (2 or 4 times a week). If you don’t include this complement, you can serve yourself dinner in our kitchen.

Don’t worry about these schedules being too intensive. Classes are individual and if you get tired, the instructors will notice that and adapt the activity at hand.


All programs

9:00 AM Breakfast with instructors
9:40 AM Classes
2:00 PM Lunch with instructors
3:00 PM Afternoon break


ForONE 9, ForTWO 9 and ForALL 9 programs

4:30 PM Classes or activities
7:45 PM: Break


Programs including Dinner & Evening Activity complement

7:45 PM Dinner with instructors
9:00 PM Evening activities
10:00 PM: End of your day

Starting days & program duration

Our Spanish language immersion programs start any week of the year, all year round.

The number of weeks to dedicate to a Spanish course depends on a lot of variables: your current level and objectives, intensity of the program, knowledge of other languages, your current (professional) activities...

Feel free to contact us or take a short test to receive an estimation of the time to invest.


You can choose to visit us for 2 days (weekend), 5 days (Monday - Friday) or 7 days (Sunday - Saturday).


If you want to visit us for 2 or more weeks, the program will run Monday to Friday and the weekends will be off. Accommodations are included during the weekend.


"The one-on-one student/teacher relationship is the hallmark of the Anders method and gives the teachers unique insight into our abilities, challenges and potential. "

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Reporting & follow-up

A detailed pedagogical report will be sent after completing your stay with us.

This will help you to continue practicing your Spanish, as you will know your strengths and the points needing further attention.

The report consists of a total breakdown of all variables of the language: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Last minute deals!

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Our Spanish programs are fully individualized. As a result, you can start a Spanish immersion any time, regardless of your level.

To structure your program and measure your progress, we use the official CEFR scale.


Basic Spanish. You will be able to interact in a simple way IF the other person speaks slowly and clearly.


Elementary. You will be able to understand and use Spanish related to immediate relevance.


Intermediate Spanish. You can deal with most situations where Spanish is spoken. The right level for travel and routine conversations.


Almost fluent in Spanish. You are able to interact with Spanish speakers without problem. You are not bilingual, but this is a good level.


Advanced Spanish. You can express yourself fluently and spontaneously in social, academic and professional interaction.


Almost bilingual. At this level, your Spanish can often be better than that of some native Spanish speakers...