Residential Spanish Immersion for Demanding Adults™
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Learn Spanish in a relaxing, exclusive and gastronomic environment. An individualized and short-term solution for demanding adults.

During class and from breakfast till the real-life activities in the evening, you will listen to, speak, think in and feel the Spanish language and the (business) culture it represents.

Individualized Spanish instruction

Individualized Spanish instruction.

All the programs are tailor-made. Tell us your goals, and we will design your Spanish language immersion program.

Exclusive residential accommodations

Exclusive residential accommodations.

We will provide a stress-free, comfortable and exclusive environment in the Spanish immersion residences in Spain, Mexico and the United States.

Testimonial David Allen: Spanish Immersion courses

DAVID ALLEN - Author, Getting Things Done

"The primary value I got from the week was exactly what my objective was: to gain familiarity with the "outline" of the Spanish language, giving myself a sense of the blueprint of the language so that I can "fill in the blanks" from then forward, piece by piece. Also to gain familiarity with basic pronunciation, grammar, and common idioms. I now know, only after 6 days at Anders Languages, that I could go to any Spanish-speaking culture, with a small Spanish dictionary, and be able to function by myself just fine. The instructors were terrific, the environment was totally conducive to the accelerated learning pace. My overall experience with Anders Languages was outstanding, and I look forward to returning for more advanced work. I recommend it without hesitation."

Spanish and Mexican Gastronomy


Discover the local gastronomy together with your Spanish language instructors and fellow students.

Real-life activities in Spanish

Real-life activities.

Use the Spanish language in a natural setting with the help of your instructors.

Cross-cultural awareness

The language behind the language.

We will help you to understand the subtleties of the Spanish language, make you experience (job-related) activities in Spanish and guide you towards the cross-cultural understanding of native Spanish speakers.

Short term Spanish courses

Short term results!

You will be immersed in the Spanish language all day long surrounded by professional instructors who will provide the necessary practice of and exposure to the Spanish language.

Qualified Spanish teachers

Qualified staff.

All your Spanish instructors are college graduates, above 35 years of age, and have an academic background which enables them to talk about a broad range of topics.

Well defined objectives

Well defined objectives.

An interview will make us understand your objectives and learning profile: this will allow us to design a Spanish language immersion program based on measurable objectives.

Testimonial Cris: Learn Spanish in Spain

Patricia L.

"Thank you for providing an excellent environment for learning at Anders. When I read your claim -- learn in a week at Anders what you would learn in 6 weeks somewhere else -- I was both intrigued and skeptical. However, it is true. I learned more here in my first 2 days than I have in 2 weeks in other programs.

The teachers were excellent. There was just the right amount of time spent on grammar, with most of the time dedicated to using Spanish in conversation -- just what I was looking for! All the teachers are excellent.

I chose this program partly because it is all inclusive -- room and meals are included. The room was comfortable and clean, with a lovely view of the garden, and the meals were excellent."

Follow-up classes


After your stay, one of your instructors will become your coach and will make sure you continue using the Spanish language in your day-to-day activities.



When completing the Spanish immersion program, you will receive a detailed pedagogical report allowing you to know your achievements and points of further practice/improvement as well as useful tips to continue improving.


The optional modules.

The modules offer you the possibility to personalize your Spanish Immersion with some unique experiences. All modules are offered in the company of Spanish instructors, so exposure to the Spanish language with professional support is guaranteed.


The specials.

A few times a year, we organize specials allowing you to combine a Spanish immersion with a unique gastronomic, touristic or cultural experience.

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