We are all vaccinated.

You are vaccinated.

And the ANDERS LANGUAGES immersion residences are open again!

Since then, we’ve been receiving guests, and they have all enjoyed their Spanish immersion and returned home safely, without any problem.

And we want to keep things safe. That’s why we’ve been fine-tuning our COVID19 safety protocols, making sure you will enjoy your stay with us as much as you would have done before:

Our bubble

One of the main characteristics of our Spanish course is the immersion residences.

Classes, activities, enjoying your meals with your instructors, accommodations… Everything is offered under the same roof.

No reasons to leave the property.

This makes it very easy to create a "safety bubble".

A bubble, of course, which needs to be kept safe inside.

Contact with people who are not part of ANDERS LANGUAGES® has been limited to the strict minimum, and staff have reduced their social contacts too in order to keep themselves and everybody safe.

Open and spacious spaces

Another characteristic of our immersion residences is the fact that they are spacious, with a lot of open spaces.

So, keeping distance is easy, while you can also spend a lot of your time outside or in naturally ventilated spaces.

Our classes are one-on-one (or two-on-one) and the desks are big, so we can keep distance.

Our air-conditioning units are individual units, thus avoiding air from spreading out all around the immersion residence.

Covid 19 Safety

Open and spacious spaces

Cleanliness and hygiene

Cleanliness and hygiene have always been important to us; nevertheless, we have increased cleaning frequency and we now professionally disinfect the complete immersion residence on a regular basis.

The same applies for food safety, where we’ve taken additional measures.

Rooms are disinfected every time a new guest comes in.

Kitchen and cleaning staff wear masks.

As your room has a bathroom en suite, you can use your own private bathroom all the time.

The hybrid program

Although we have taken all measures to limit the risks, we do understand some people don’t want to travel right now.

If that’s your case, but you want to start with your Spanish immersion right away, you might want to take advantage of our Hybrid program.

This program allows you to meet your Spanish instructors online before visiting us for an onsite Spanish immersion.

More information

Flexible cancelation policies

We have made our cancelation policies much more flexible, allowing you to cancel without penalties. But some restrictions apply, so please take a look to our sales conditions for more details.

Excursions and outdoor activities

Some excursions and activities are currently not offered, either because social distancing can’t be guaranteed or because it would expose everybody involved to unnecessary risks. Make sure to contact us for more details in case you add any of our modules.


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