Making the downpayment mentioned on the proposal means acceptance of the proposal and sales conditions:


1.1. We will email you the confirmation of your reservation, including a price proposal for the total cost.

1.2. We guarantee your reservation with a down payment for an amount mentioned on the final price proposal. The rest of the course fees should be paid upon starting the second day of the course. We accept debit/credit cards and bank wires. Once the down payment has been paid, your stay with us is guaranteed.

1.3. ANDERS LANGUAGES is not liable in any cases of force majeure or for unlawful acts on the part of the students, nor the consequences they might bring on.

1.4. During free days, when courses are not offered but accommodation is included, meals are not served. Nevertheless, if you want to prepare yourself a meal, you are free to use our kitchen, where food is available during the weekends. Another option might be the restaurants, of various price ranges, available nearby. Some of them feature home delivery service.

1.5. Accommodation the night before the immersion start and/or the night after ending the program can be included or not, depending on the program. Make sure to check your final price proposal for details.

1.6. No classes are given during official holidays in the country where your immersion is offered. Nevertheless, we will reschedule these lost days during your stay, so you won't lose classes you've paid for. For an overview of local holidays, please contact us.

1.7. We guarantee that we will do all we can to help the client to achieve his or her learning objectives. However, our obligation to the client regarding the learning of a foreign language is limited to an obligation of due care, and the client alone is responsible for the results achieved.

1.8. Any additional service, discount, request or change in the program should be included in the proposal as the program and the amounts charged will be based on the proposal.

1.9. We do not accept any liability for physical or material harm caused by third parties operating ground transportation, or by hidden defects or inherent risks in products or services bought from third parties in order to offer our services.

1.10. The client's Passport, checking entry requirements to the country, and if required, a valid visa is the client's responsibility.


Refunds are NOT possible unless ANDERS LANGUAGES cancels an immersion or if the money-back guarantee applies.

You can, however, reschedule for a later date or transfer your booking to another location or person. Make sure to READ ALL the details and applicable policies below.

We highly recommend to INSURE YOUR TRIP to cover any unexpected situation.

2.1. Rescheduling

2.2.1. Programs NOT INCLUDING the Luxury Experience

- Rescheduling requests made up to 61 days prior to the course-start date: no administrative fee is due.

- Rescheduling requests made between 60 and 31 days prior to the course-start date: an administrative fee equivalent to 25% of the program’s total cost applies.

- Rescheduling requests made between 30 and 4 days prior to the course-start date: an administrative fee equivalent to 50% of the program’s total cost applies.

- Rescheduling requests made between 3 days or less prior to the course-start date: not accepted.

2.2.2. Programs INCLUDING the Luxury Experience

- Rescheduling requests made up to 61 days prior to the course-start date: an administrative fee equivalent to 25% of the program’s total cost applies.

- Rescheduling requests made between 60 and 31 days prior to the course-start date: an administrative fee equivalent to 50% of the program’s total cost applies.

- Rescheduling requests made between 30 days or less prior to the course-start date: not accepted.

2.2. Requests to reschedule are only accepted in writing (email).

2.3. You can transfer your booking from Mexico to Spain or from Spain to Mexico without changing the program details. In case you choose a more expensive location, you will be required to pay the price difference. If a less expensive location is chosen, you will still need to cover the full cost of the original program. However, the difference will be converted into a credit. Locations changes are subject to availability.

2.4. In no case will money be refunded once the course has started (except for the money back guarantee).

2.5. Unconditional, money back guarantee. We know our business and how to maintain satisfied clients. If you aren't satisfied, however, just tell us during the first day of the training and we will return your money. To claim the money-back guarantee, you need to have completed the first day of your immersion.

2.6. When rescheduling, please take the following into account:

- When you want to reschedule your immersion, you can only do so 30 days before the new starting day.

- We cannot guarantee openings: rescheduling is subject to availability.

- Although we try to respect any room upgrade as booked originally, the room upgrade is not guaranteed when rescheduling, even if you paid for it.

- You have 12 months after the original starting day to reschedule.

- Each booking can be rescheduled only once.

- If there has been a fee increase by the time you rebook, you will be required to pay the balance due (if applicable) plus the difference between the original and new fees.

2.7. In the event ANDERS LANGUAGES cancels an immersion, the client will receive a full refund. The client won’t be able to claim other expenses. In case the cancellation is the result of force majeure a credit will be offered.

2.8. Refunds are NOT possible. We highly recommend to insure your trip if you have no access to credit card purchase protection. Of course, we will work with you and your insurance company or credit card provider to recover your deposit. If your claim for a deposit is successful, a new booking will require a new deposit. It is a consumer's responsibility to insure against unforeseen events. This goes for cars, houses, health, and travel.

2.9. Administrative fees, if applicable, will be added to your final bill

2.10. You can transfer your booking to another person of your choice. All sales policies will apply.


3.1. You are not insured against illness or accidents, theft or loss of personal possessions. We therefore highly recommend you take out a personal insurance policy.

3.2. Replacement costs for breakage due to negligence on the part of the student will be charged to the student.


4.1. Any disputes should be sent to your agent or directly to ANDERS LANGUAGES

4.2. Any failure on our part to carry out our obligations will give rise to sanctions under the rules of the country where the immersion is offered.

4.3. We cannot always guarantee the room type of your choice. In case of a downgrade we will refund the price difference (unless you rescheduled).

4.4. Free upgrades are discretional and subject to availability upon arrival.

4.5. Check-in and check-out times

Programs including accommodation before and after the program’s start and end

- Check-in: 4:30 pm

- Check-out: 11:00 am

Programs not including accommodation before and after the program’s start and end

- Check-in: after 8:30 am

- Check-out: before 3:30 pm (5-day program and Luxury Experience) or 8:15 pm (2-day and 7-day programs)

Early check-in or late check-out possible only after request and availability of rooms.

If you want to visit us

4.6. If you want to visit us for 2 or more weeks, the program will run Monday to Friday and the weekends will be off. Accommodations are included during the weekend.

4.7. Two-day and seven-day programs: the last day ends at 7:45 pm. Five-day programs: the last day ends at 3:00 pm.

4.8. Any program offered for free (fun trips, exchange...) is subject to a non-refundable USD/EUR 300 + Tax booking fee. This booking fee DOES NOT apply for paid-for programs. Free programs can't be rescheduled.

4.9. The ForTWO and ForALL programs are only for friends, relatives or colleagues studying together: participants need a similar linguistic level.

4.10. Fees of the ForTWO and ForALL programs are based on guests sharing the room. In case separate rooms are required, please choose the ForONE program.

4.11. SEVEN-day courses: on the fourth day, the program ends at 3:00 pm.

4.12. Fees in MXN (Mexican Pesos) are only valid for companies and individuals with a Mexican taxpayer ID (RFC).

4.13. Clients with a long-term agreement (post payment): a course is only confirmed after our invoice has been formally accepted. Our invoices should be paid at the latest 30 days after receipt.

4.14. The name ANDERS LANGUAGES is a registered trademark. All the ANDERS LANGUAGES course materials, documents and audios are the results of our work and our expertise. We exercise all our intellectual property rights over them fully and without reservation. All rights are reserved for all our products, which may in no case be reproduced, even partially, by any means, nor be rented, sold, lent or exploited in any other way.

4.15. Discounts are exclusive of each other and cannot be accumulated.

4.16. Pick up service. Unexpected traffic or issues out of our control can result in our driver being late for your pick-up. If that happens, we will inform you via WhatsApp or phone and offer you an alternative. However, rest assured we do everything reasonable to avoid this kind of circumstances. Maximum two passengers. 4 pieces of luggage: 2 pieces with a maximum weight of 32 kg / 70 pounds and maximum size of 158 cm / 62 inches (L+W+H) plus 2 pieces with a maximum weight of 10 kg / 22 pounds and maximum size of 118 cm / 47 inches (L+W+H)

4.17. Drop-off service. We will recommend a departure time based on the time you need to get to your destination. In case you decide to depart later than the recommended time, we can’t be held responsible in case of a late arrival at your destination. Maximum two passengers. 4 pieces of luggage: 2 pieces with a maximum weight of 32 kg / 70 pounds and maximum size of 158 cm / 62 inches (L+W+H) plus 2 pieces with a maximum weight of 10 kg / 22 pounds and maximum size of 118 cm / 47 inches (L+W+H)

4.18. Welcome service. The service ends at 10 pm. If you arrive at the immersion residence after 7 pm because of traffic or a cancelled, delayed or late flight, the number of hours offered will be reduced. The service will be cancelled if you arrive at the immersion residence after 10:00 pm. In these cases, you cannot request any refund or compensation. If you book a flight scheduled to arrive in the evening, we recommend not using our welcome service or canceling the welcome service at the latest 72 hours before arrival to receive a refund or extra hours of class.

4.19. It’s the client’s responsibility to provide us with all arrival (or pick-up) details at the latest 6 natural days before the scheduled arrival day. If not, the meet-and-greet service will be cancelled with no right to a refund.

4.20. The Experiences. Because of reasons beyond of our control, such as weather conditions or availability of providers, some of the activities may not be available during your stay: in that case, you can choose a similar activity at no additional cost.

4.21. Under no circumstances will we offer refunds for immersions cancelled due to force majeure: pandemics, acts of nature or similar events. However, we will offer the possibility to reschedule your immersion.

4.22. In case we can't accommodate you at the immersion residence, we reserve the right to accommodate you in a hotel with comfort levels similar to those at the immersion residence. Ground transportation between the hotel and the immersion residence will be at our expense.

4.23. Price proposals are subject to change without notice unless you have made a down payment.

4.24. Credit card fees or banking fees are not refundable.

4.25. Payments for on-site programs cannot be transferred to online programs. Missed on-site classes cannot be offered online.

4.26. If you would like to start your program on different days from the ones described in our programs, we may not be able to offer accommodations for the arrival or departure day. If that’s the case, you will need to book a hotel nearby. We will be pleased to advice.

4.27. Programs INCLUDING the Luxury Experience: in case the mansion is not available for reasons beyond our control, we reserve the right to organize the program at our immersion residence. In that case the price difference between the Luxury program and a similar program at the ANDERS LANGUAGES immersion residence will be refunded.

4.28. Meals. We serve home-made meals, prepared by our cook using local recipes and ingredients. While most of our guests enjoy the food we serve, it’s important to be aware of the fact that we do not offer an a-la-carte menu and that what we serve might be different from what you are used to.

Our cook will be pleased to adapt the menu for guests with diet restrictions (vegetarian, vegan, gluten free…) as far as it does not change the serving of our other guests. For example, our cook can replace pork by chicken or beef… For those not eating meat, we can serve fish or/add more (and different) vegetables. While breakfast always includes dairy products, it also includes fresh fruit, marmalades, honey, cereals among other things.

In case you follow a very strict diet, we recommend to bring your own ingredients and/or food complements as we won’t be able to accommodate all diet restrictions. You can also opt for our Luxury Experience, offering a-la-carte menus with no restrictions.

Unfortunately, we can currently not honor requests for halal and kosher food.

Dinner is only served for programs including the Dinner & Evening Activity complement. If you don’t include this complement, you can make yourself dinner in our kitchen. Restaurants and home delivery are also available.


5.1. We only request information we need to organize your language immersion.

5.2. The information we receive is stored on our secured server and its secured back-up on the cloud.

5.3. After your stay, your data will be archived on our secured server and removed from the cloud within 12 months.

5.4. Unless otherwise requested, the client authorizes ANDERS LANGUAGES and its agents to use, on any medium, their first names and that of their company, their testimonials and photos and videos taken during their stay to promote the activities of ANDERS LANGUAGES. Under NO circumstances will we link your family name (or other details which might identify you easily) to visual content made public. We will always honor any request to remove any visual content where you appear.

5.5. Your data will NEVER be shared with, sold to, or rented to 3rd parties.

5.6. We will always honor any request to update or remove any information. Such requests should be sent by via email.


6.1. Online classes are offered from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 9 pm UTC (Universal Time Coordinated). Subject to availability of instructors when scheduling.

6.2. All hours should be used within 2 months after your payment.

6.3. Once you have confirmed you online class with your instructor, you won’t be able to cancel it.

6.4. Once we have received your payment, a Spanish instructor will contact you within the next 48 hours.

6.5. You can request a full refund within the next 24 hours following your first online class. After that period, refunds are not possible.

6.6. The discount for the onsite Spanish immersion will be valid for an immersion in Mexico or Spain, scheduled no later than 12 months after payment of your first online course.

6.7. The discount for the onsite Spanish immersion is NOT valid for the Luxury Experience.

6.8. Payments for online programs cannot be transferred to on-site programs. Missed online classes cannot be offered on-site.